October Goals

I have recently been made redundant and, as such, The Mr and I have moved back in with my parents (scary). I’ve realised since being unemployed I’m the queen of procrastination at home and need to focus my attention on something to keep my mind working and to develop new skills, as such, I’m going to start setting myself little challenges each month, some will be blog related, some personal growth, others completely random, but then, who cares?

October Goals, Girl in Kernow

  1. Start a Bullet Journal. 
    • I have always wanted to create a Bullet Journal, and started one a year ago when my life was super hectic. I think they’re so creative and useful being able to use it for any reason at all, I love to be creative and desperately need to start planning and organising my life better and what better combination is there for this than a bullet journal?
  2. Play more Music
    • I love creating music, I can make an acceptable noise on the Guitar and Melodeon and I love to sing as well, I hope to put my time to focusing more on my musical creative outlets and boosting my skills in these areas.
  3. Wedding Invitations!
    • The Mr and I got engaged on our 6 year anniversary in May and we’ve got to the point in our planning where we really need to start thinking about finalising and sending out the wedding invitations to all our amazing friends and family. (I’ll be honest with you, I had no idea how much hard work planning a wedding would be and all we’ve done is the invitation list!).
  4. Exercise.
    • Yesterday I went to my first Barre Class and it was amazing, I really want to keep up going to these sessions as well as heading out on my own or with my friends/The Mr on walks, cycle rides and maybe even a run or two.
  5. Get a Job.
    • Now, I’ll be honest, I feel like this one is semi out of my control but I’d love to be in a new job by Halloween, it feels like a lot of my life has been put on hold since my redundancy in August and I feel like a new beginning in a new job would really help kick off my birthday month in style!

Any advise or tips on how to focus on each of my tasks for October would be awesome in the comments! What are you working towards this October?


Welcome to A Girl in Kernow.

So here you have it, yet another millennial with yet another blog. I don’t expect to get anywhere big with this, I don’t even expect anyone to be reading this. I just want this place to be somewhere I can let off steam.

I have blogged previously, and if you ask me nicely I’ll let you know where, but life got in the way and I feel I can’t express myself on there anymore. Situations arose and family turned sour and it left me floating without a cause.

So here I am, I’m Amber, I live in Cornwall with The Mr and our pooch Balto. I’m a Duty Manager at a Family Farm Holiday complex on Bodmin Moor and I love working with the animals and children alike.

In this space you will find out about all things I’m passionate about, gaming (especially board games – they’re so underrated these days!), lifestyle, music, creativity, walks in the beautiful area that I live, and my weight loss journey as I progress.

I hope, that if you’ve read to this part of the post, you’re here to be friends so feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @GirlinKernow, or drop me a comment.