Meet my Best Friend.

I’m an odd one, I’ve always had friends but I’ve never really had that group of girls who always had your back, at least not until this year. But, when asked about my best friend, there’s really only one person I can answer with, I’ve known her the longest of any of my friends and although we’ve had a few bumps over the years, we might as well be sisters.

I officially met A in Year 7, our names were next to each other’s alphabetically and so on all the secondary school assigned seating plans, we were always next to each other. We bonded over not being the popular ones, and soon found our feet as best friends.

If there was one thing that defines A, it would be her love of animals, her horse and her dog mean the world to her and if you can’t get passed that, you won’t be a part of her life. The yard is her second home and she can’t comfortably watch a movie unless her Jack Russel is curled up on her knee.

She grew up in the village next to mine, and, each year our family would go to the Christmas Party at the pub in her village, turns out, A’s family would always go as well and we remember playing party games together as toddlers. It’s crazy thinking that back then we had no idea we’d be such strong friends.

My favourite memory of A is the night before our joint 16th birthday party (her birthday is the day before mine so we’ve always had joint parties) I fell down the stairs and badly sprained my ankle. A, being the loving friend she is, laughed all the way to minor injuries. Well later that night, after we’d finished organizing decorations and decorating cakes, A discovers that, in spite of the swollen and painful ankle, I was still intent to sleep walk and spent the next half an hour watching me hobble around my bedroom and landing fast asleep turning lights on and off. Her face as she informed me of the hilarity the next day was priceless.

Mine and A’s song is an unusual one, it’s Fifteen by Taylor Swift. I love it because there’s a line that’s identical to how A and I became best friends, if you’re a swifty I’m sure you can figure out the line!

She’s one of the most kindhearted people I’ve ever known and she hasn’t got it in her to hate anybody, plus she puts up with my complete nerdiness, what more could a girl ask for in a best friend?

So, A, thank you for being there all these years, and here’s to another 12 years of friendship.

Who’s your best friend? Why not tell me your favourite memory with them?


My Weightloss Journey Week 0

My weight is a big issue for me, I know I am by far morbidly obese however my BMI is balancing on the knife edge of overweight and obese. Thankfully with my height I carry my weight reasonably well and I’m often told I don’t need to lose weight but with both diabetes and heart disease in my family I want to work at being as fit and healthy as I can be now.

I’m also due to be a bridesmaid TWICE in May next year and I’d love to not be a size 16 and easily the biggest of all the bridesmaids.

The gym is going to be a new friend of mine and this blog is going to encourage me, keeping me accountable for the weight I lose and encourage me to get out to find new places to photograph and discuss on my out and about posts.

A final target is always important to give you an idea of where you’re heading, my target is going to be 49lbs. You need to remember though, when setting a target you don’t know what you’re going to feel like as you get closer to it, it’s fine me saying now I’m going to lose 3 and a half stone but in 5 months time I could be at 2 and a half and be very happy with the result and not feel like I need to lose any more. Be prepared that the weightloss target you set yourself today may be entirely different to where you end up and that’s okay.

Monthly targets are, for me at least, a godsend. Your overall target is always going to be a big number, and when you’re first starting out can feel unachievable. Setting yourself smaller targets, monthly targets or even weekly targets, help you to work towards your final goal without sounding so overwhelming. This way you can also set them depending on what is happening over the course of that month, so in December I’ll choose a smaller target so that with Christmas, New Year & my Dad’s birthday all packed into a two week mash up I don’t get upset that I didn’t achieve much.

Theoretically I need to lose approximately 8lbs a month to be my target weight by the first wedding in May however I have my birthday and Christmas amongst other family obligations in between now and then. I’m also aware you lose more in the first few weeks. Therefore my first monthly target is going to be 12lbs.

Below is my weight loss chart, since this is my first weight loss post, it looks a little sad with no weight lost, but I know in just a weeks time it’ll a ready be filling up!

Overall Target Weight Loss 49lbs
Monthly Target Weight Loss 12lbs
Weight Loss This Week 0lbs
Weight Loss This Month 0lbs
Total Weight Loss 0lbs
BMI 30.2

Welcome to A Girl in Kernow.

So here you have it, yet another millennial with yet another blog. I don’t expect to get anywhere big with this, I don’t even expect anyone to be reading this. I just want this place to be somewhere I can let off steam.

I have blogged previously, and if you ask me nicely I’ll let you know where, but life got in the way and I feel I can’t express myself on there anymore. Situations arose and family turned sour and it left me floating without a cause.

So here I am, I’m Amber, I live in Cornwall with The Mr and our pooch Balto. I’m a Duty Manager at a Family Farm Holiday complex on Bodmin Moor and I love working with the animals and children alike.

In this space you will find out about all things I’m passionate about, gaming (especially board games – they’re so underrated these days!), lifestyle, music, creativity, walks in the beautiful area that I live, and my weight loss journey as I progress.

I hope, that if you’ve read to this part of the post, you’re here to be friends so feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @GirlinKernow, or drop me a comment.